About us

Welcome to Amalur, the home of beautifully handcrafted black bamboo speakers for your mobile phone. Our natural music box amplifies the sound of music to provide extraordinary natural acoustics and is 100% green.

Amalur Team

Our free energy speakers are completely made by hand, with love and enjoyment by craftsmen in a small village in Yogyakarta (Java Island), where the carvings are traditional to this area due to an abundance of materials. The black bamboo has been collected from the base of an active Volcano and close to the incredible Borobudur Buddhist Temple. Every bamboo speaker is different in diameter, wood thickness and color tone, with various acoustic sounds.

About Arte Javane

Creators and Directors of Arte Javane, Koldo and Jorge, had the vision to create a beautiful product that was not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but that could also make a difference to people's lives, and so, Amalur was born.

Sustainability and material

The black Java Bamboo was chosen, not only for its sustainability but because when it is carved, the inner surface appears white and the carvings of our craftsmen appear in contrast to provide a stunning effect.

We are constantly looking for art in nature and discovered the extraordinary sound quality of bamboo and its natural function as a soundboard.

The bamboo brings a fresh and natural design and gives a ‘zen’ atmosphere to every indoor or outdoor space. Since the oldest of times, bamboo has been aligned with the symbolism of Buddhist and Zen philosophies and the two opposing elements of resistance and versatility which makes every Amalur bamboo speaker a unique gift.

Social responsibility

More than a company, Amalur is a big family, capturing the whole essence of Indonesia. Its passion for music and dance, its respect for nature and neighbours, its great generosity and fertility of ideas.

We work in partnership only with the local communities, bringing in people with disabilities in much of the process, and with native natural elements, that grow so prosperous in this archipelago. Our activities are based on sustainability, fair trade and social responsibility.

Amalur sound systems are suitable for all mobile phones. Your phone is supported by an internal bamboo joint which also allows you to charge it while in use, without impairing the quality of the sound. Due to its small size (40cm to 45cm), Amalur is light and easy for carrying and each Amalur bamboo speaker is packed inside an eco-friendly cotton bag

Welcome to our family.